Arthur H. Richter is a distinguished real estate professional with over 35 years of experience, who has demonstrated his expertise as the Principal at Property Consultants in North Andover, MA, since 1987, and as the Manager of Discovery Bay Holdings LLC since 1992. In 2023, Arthur expanded his entrepreneurial ventures by purchasing a business in a niche industry, becoming a Partner at Adamson Industries Corporation. This decision was significantly influenced by both professional insight and personal connections to public service, highlighting a deep-seated respect for those in protective services. Arthur's decision to purchase the business was not only a strategic move but also a sentimental journey, reflecting his family's longstanding dedication to public service: his wife served as a U.S. Treasury Department officer, his father was a state trooper, and his grandfather was a patrolman. This rich family history of serving and protecting the community underscores Arthur's personal and professional values, further emphasizing his commitment to contributing positively to society and honoring his family's legacy.


Arthur's community involvement is extensive and showcases his commitment to giving back and helping others grow. His leadership roles in various community organizations reflect his dedication to positive change. Since 2016, he has been a member of The Savings Bank's CRA Committee, demonstrating his commitment to responsible banking and community development. His tenure on the Board of Directors for the Realtor Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts and his presidency of the Lawrence Boys & Girls Club are further examples of his leadership and desire to contribute to the well-being of his community.


From 2006 to the present, Arthur has also been an integral part of The Savings Bank's Board of Corporators, underscoring his influence in local financial matters. His involvement in education is evident from his service on the Board of Directors for Central Catholic High School from 2002 to 2011, where he contributed to shaping the future of young minds. Additionally, his roles on the Government Affairs Committee for the Massachusetts Association of Realtors from 2001 to 2005, and his membership on the City of Lawrence's Board of Survey from 2001 to 2016, highlight his engagement in civic duties and local governance.


In his professional life, Arthur has excelled in rehabilitating, building, and brokering properties across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. His expertise as a real estate appraiser and consultant has been sought after by lenders, attorneys, and private parties alike, and he has been acknowledged as an expert witness in various courts. His investment ventures have spanned nine states, showcasing his strategic approach to real estate investment and management.


Arthur H. Richter's career is a testament to his broad expertise in real estate and his unwavering dedication to community service. His personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined with his commitment to helping others and giving back to the community, making him a respected and valued member of both his industry and his community.

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